What is Phonetics & Organs Of Speech in English Grammar

Friends! Today we are going to discuss with you a very important topic of English Grammar. Today we are going to study about What is Phonetics & Organs Of Speech in English Grammar. Many questions are asked in the exam regarding phonetics symbols and English sound.

Many students have difficulty in the topic of phonetics. But we are going to explain each point to you in a very easy way. After understanding it carefully, you will not have any problem in this topic and you will also find it easy.

To strengthen English pronunciation, it is very important to have knowledge of phonetics & Organs Of Speech in English Grammar. If you want to speak English properly, then you must learn about phonetics. Let us try to understand phonetics & Organs Of Speech in detail today : Phonetics definition and meaning And What are the organs of speech in English language.

What is Phonetics in English Grammar

An Introduction to Phonetics in English Grammar : Friends! Let us tell you that in the English language the same letter is pronounced in many ways, Such as: water, share, late, sat, saw, care etc.

Here in these words “a” is pronounced differently. All letters in English are pronounced with more than one sound. Phonetics is studied only to know the correct pronunciation of these letters.

Phonetics is defined as the science of speech sound. It is a branch of linguistics that deals with the scientific study of the production and transmission of speech sound. And for the production of speech sound, different organs of the human body and air streams are needed. So let’s know about them in detail :

Organs Of Speech in English Grammar

What are Organs of Speech definition and Function : The parts of the body that help to produce speech sound are called Organs of Speech. These are also called Vocal Organs. The breathing taken from the lungs is modified by these vocal organs, producing the speech sound.

In other words, those different organs of the human body which produce speech sound by the flow of air are called organs of speech, so let us know which organs of the human body help in producing speech sound :

Parts of Organs of Speech in English Grammar

What are the most important major active organs of speech : To understand the Organs of Speech, we can divide it into three parts :

  1. Respiratory System
  2. Phonatory System
  3. Articulatory System
What are the most important major active organs of speech
What are the most important major active organs of speech

#1. Respiratory System :

What is Respiratory System in English Grammar : In this system those organs are included, which play their important role in the process of breathing, Like : Lungs, Wind Pipe/Trachea etc.

  • Air Stream : A stream of air or air emanating from the mouth, which is transformed into speech sound through the reciprocal movements of human organs.
  • Respiration : The act of inhaling or exhaling is called Respiration.
    • Inspiration / inhalation : Drawing the air inwards is called Inspiration / Inhalation. and
    • Expiration/exhalation : Expulsion of the air inside is called Expiration/Exhalation.


It is found inside the chest in the human body. Its job is to inhale and exhale. There are two lungs in our body.


It is also called Windpipe. It is through this that the air enters the lungs and comes out. This is the main way for the lungs to inhale or exhale air.

#2. Phonatory System :

What is Phonatory System in English Grammar : It includes those organs which are the originators of sound, Like : Larynx, Vocal Cords, Glottis etc.


It is also called “Voice Box“. It is located just above the windpipe or trachea and looks like “Adam’s Apple” on the outside. In this the vocal cords are also located.


It is like a lip-like structure in the throat. That’s why they are also called Vocal Lips. When the breath is inhaled or exhaled through the lungs, these vocal cords open and close again.


The opening gate in the middle of the vocal cords is called Glottis. This glottis opens and closes with breathing.

#3. Articulatory System :

What is Articulatory System in English Grammar : This includes those organs with the help of which speech sounds are produced, Like : Nose, Lips, Teeth, Tongue, Palate, Uvula etc.


The Nose also plays an important role in producing speech sound. The sounds which are produced through the nose are called Nasal. Its following parts are used in speech sound.

  • Nostrils : Both the holes are called Nostrils.
  • Nasal Cavity : It rises from the back of the throat just above the Velum and ends in the Nostrils.


The Lips also help in producing speech sound. These are used to give roundness to a sound or to give shape to a letter. These are of two types :

  • Lower Lip
  • Upper Lip


The mouth has a rigid structure on the jaws. They also have a special role in speech sound, they are also of two types :

  • Lower Teeth
  • Upper Teeth
  • Teeth Ridge

#Teeth Ridge or Alveoli : The upper front teeth are called Teeth Ridge. It is more important than lower in producing speech sound.


A flexible muscle attached to the lower jaw is called the tongue. The tongue has the following parts :

  • The Tip / Point : The front part of the tongue is called The Tip or Point Tongue.
  • The Blade : The part from the front of the tongue to the back is called The Blade of Tongue.
  • The Front of Tongue : The part from the blade part to the middle of the tongue is called The Front of Tongue.
  • The Back of Tongue : The part of the tongue from the middle to the back is called The Back of Tongue.
  • Root : The part just behind the back tongue is called Root.


The upper part of the mouth is called the palate. These are also of two types :

  • Hard Palate : The hard part in the roof of the mouth is called Hard Palate.
  • Soft Palate : It is also called velum. The part immediately behind the hard palate, that is, the part from the middle to the back in the mouth, is called Soft Palate.


Just behind the roof of the mouth, that is, on the back end of the velum, hangs a soft structure, which is called the Uvula.

So these were the organs of the human body, which help us to make speech sound. Today we have told you in detail about what is phonetics & organs of speech.

You should understand them very well so that you will not face any problem in understanding this topic further. In the next notes, we will understand the classification of speech sound in detail. Till then stay connected with us.

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