The Sentence and Parts of Speech in English Grammar

The Sentence and Parts of Speech in English Grammar : Friends! Today we are trying to refresh Your English grammar. As you may know, the earliest topic of grammar is Sentence and Parts of Speech that needs to be aware. Just as a strong building requires its foundation to be strong, in the same way a basic foundation must be strong for any language.

Today’s Topic – Sentence and Parts of Speech is basic foundation for English Grammar. To speak any language, it is necessary to have words, if a bird is a language, then these words are its wings, without which it is probably impossible to fly the language.

Friends ! We also need to have knowledge of words for English speaking, only then we can make meaningful sentences by adding these words and through these sentences we can present our ideas effectively. So, let us understand very easily what are The Parts & Kinds of The Sentence and Parts of Speech in English Grammar.

What is Sentence

What is Sentence : A group of words which gives complete meaning is called Sentence.

  • According to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary :

A Set of words expressing a statement, a question or a command.
Sentence usually contains a subject and a verb.

  • According to Cambridge international Dictionary :

A Group of words usually containing a verb which expresses a thought in the form of a statement, question, instruction or exclamation.

Thus you see that the above definitions only prove that sentences are meaningful ‘groups of words’ from which we express our ideas. But friends! A sentence is not formed just by adding words, A meaningful sentence is formed by adding words in a certain order.

If explained in other words, only a group of words cannot be called a sentence until it has no meaning like:

  1. Food in she cooking is the kitchen. — [ Incorrect group of words without Any Meaning.]
  2. She is cooking food in the kitchen. — [ Correct Sentence with Meaningful Sense.]

— What do you find after reading both sentences ?

  • You see that there is a group of words in the first sentence but there is no clear meaning, that is, we cannot understand certain meaning in first sentence.
  • while reading the second sentence, you easily understand its meaning. The sentence is showing a meaningful sense because the words in this sentence are the same but writing them in a certain order makes a meaningful sentence.

Thus, writing words in definite order can make meaningful sentence of a group of words. Writing words in definite order is called Sentence structure.

What is Parts of Speech

What is Parts of Speech : Different words used in a sentence work in different ways. On the basis of works, these words can be divided into eight parts, This words of distinction is called ‘Parts of Speech’ which are as follows :

  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Ajective
  4. Verb
  5. Adverb
  6. Preposition [Correlation]
  7. Conjunction [Connector]
  8. Interjection [Exclamation]

1. The Noun :

The Noun : A Noun is a name of a person, place, thing, animal, action or quality. For Example :

A Name OfNouns
Person Ram, Shyam, Radha, Sita etc.
Place Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta etc.
Thing Book, Pen, Bike, Table, Chair, Fan etc.
Animal Cow, Parrot, Pigeon, Horse, Dog etc.
Action Judgement, Theft etc.
Quality wisdom, Kindness, Honesty, Confidence etc.

2. The Pronoun :

The Pronoun : A word used in place of a Noun is called Pronoun or to prevent repetition of noun, the words used in its place are called Pronouns .

  • For Example : He, She, It, I, We,You, They etc.

3. The Adjective :

The Adjective : Words that add something to the meaning of a Noun or in other words, We can say, Words that describe the properties, condition etc.of a Noun or Pronoun are called adjectives.

  • For Example : Intelligent, Brave, Honest, Happy, Nice, Wise etc.

4. The Verb :

The Verb : The word that says something about a person, place or thing to be or do an action is called a Verb. It expresses an action about a person, place or thing.

  • For Example : is, am, are, was, were, eat, cook, play, go, come, study etc.

5. The Adverb :

The Adverb : A word that describes the characteristic of or adds something to the meaning of other parts of speech except Noun or Pronoun is called an Adjective.

  • For Example : Always, Easily, Properly, Fast, Jointly, Honestly, Sincerely, Confidently, Wisely etc.

— Note : Friends ! Let us tell you that Adjective is used to describe the attribute of a Noun or Pronoun. whereas Adverb is used to describe the attribute of all the parts of speech as adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection etc. except the noun or pronoun.

6. The Preposition :

The Preposition : The word that is used before a Noun or Pronoun expresses the relation of the Noun or Pronoun to another word or words in the sentence, is called Preposition.

  • For Example : in, into, on, upon, over, above, under, below, of, from, by, with, within etc.

7. The Conjunction :

The Conjunction : A word that connects two words, sentences or clauses etc. is called conjunction.

  • For Example : And, But, Before, After, Either-or, Neither-nor, Not only- but also, so-that, as well as, or, if, as if, also, thus etc.

8. The Interjection :

The Interjection : That word expresses a sudden feelings or emotions like Joy, Sorrow, Surprise etc. arising in the mind is called Interjection. The Exclamation mark is always used after these words.

  • For Example : Hip-Hip Hurrah!, Oh!, Alas!, Well Done! etc.

Parts of a Sentence

Parts of a Sentence : Friends! Sentence has two parts which are as follows:

  1. Subject
  2. Predicate

Subject :

Subject : Words like A person, Animal orThing About which something is said or done, that part of the sentence is called subject. For Example :

  • Ram is a good player.
  • Sita reads a book.
  • He is driving Car very fast.
  • She prays God.
  • We have watched TV Serial.

— The names about which something is said or done given in bold letters in the above sentences, These are subjects.

Predicate :

Predicate : The second part of sentence is called predicate which says something about the subject.

— Rest parts except Subject in the above sentences is predicate which says something about the subject.

Kinds of Sentences

Kinds of Sentences : Friends ! Sentence can be divided into five parts based on its usage, which is as follows :

  1. Assertive Sentence
  2. Interrogative Sentence
  3. Imperative Sentence
  4. Optative Sentence
  5. Exclamatory Sentence

1. Assertive Sentence :

Assertive Sentence : A sentence that makes a statement is called Assertive Sentence. For Example :

  • Ram reads a Book. (Affirmative or Simple )
  • She does not cook food. (Negetive)

2. Interrogative Sentence :

Interrogative Sentence : A sentence that asks a question is called Interrogative Sentence. For Example :

  • Do We Play Cricket ?
  • Is he buying a car ?
  • Who is reading Book ?
  • What is your Name ?

3. Imperative Sentence :

Imperative Sentence : A sentence that gives a sense of order, advice or request is called Imperative Sentence. For Example :

  • Open the Door. (Order)
  • Please, Don’t make a noise. (request)
  • Obey Your Elders. (advice)

4. Optative Sentence :

Optative Sentence : A sentence that expresses Prayer, wish or curse is called Optative Sentence. For Example :

  • May God bless you.
  • May you live long.

5. Exclamatory Sentence :

Exclamatory Sentence : A sentence that expresses Strong Feeling of Wonder, Surprise, Joy, sorrow or contempt is called Exclamatory Sentence. For Example :

  • Hurrah! India has won the World Cup.
  • Alas! She failed in class 10th board exam.
  • What a Nice Flower !

Conclusion : Friends! Now you have understood how important both words and sentences for a Language. Simply say that it is a basic unit of language without which it is impossible to express ideas.

Repeat these Notes again and again and try to understand to clear your basics so that you will face no problem in understanding the English grammar further.

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Friends ! Hope you have understood the information given about today’s topic ‘The Sentence and Parts of Speech in English Grammar‘. You must share these Notes on social media also to your friends.

So that they also can take advantage of this basic and very important topic. Thank you for staying on!

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