Rules of Using Articles with Examples

Friends! In today’s notes we are going to discuss an important topic of Grammar which is : Articles. You should come to the correct use of the Article in Sentence. What is the article and what are these types? What rules have to be kept in mind while using the article? We are going to study Rules of Using Articles with Examples in detail. So let’s start :

What is Article : Mean and Defination

To understand the Articles properly, first of all know its definition. Friends! Article means in Hindi : Thing. Three different words are used to separate an object (thing) from its class. These words are called articles.
These article words are : A, An, The.

Types of Articles

Now we talk about how many parts of these three articles can be divided. Let me tell you that you can divide these three articles into two parts :

  • Indefinite Articles – A, An
  • Definite Articles – The

Rules of Using Indefinite Articles (A/An) with Examples

Rules of Using Indefinite Articles (A/An) with Examples : Friends! In order to use articles, it is important to have some rules in mind. Which we can understand as follows :

Rule : 1.

  • Indefinite Articles – A / An is used before Countable Singular nouns. like :
A boy A girl A book
An eyeAn elephantAn umbrella

– Remember that when you use a / an, you have to take care of the pronunciation of noun or its spelling.

Rule : 2.

  • Article A is used before singular nouns whose spelling starts with consonant or Consonant Sound. like :
A carA bikeA cow

Rule : 3.

  • Article A is also used before singular nouns whose spelling starts with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u). But they are pronounced like consonants. like :
A UniversityA UniqueA UniversalA UrlA European

— You find that the spelling of University, Unique, Universal, Url is starting with vowelU“, but article A is used because of its pronunciation from the consonantyu“. Similarly, article A is being used due to the sound of the consonant “yu” in pronunciation even after the European spelling starts with vowelE“.

Rule : 4.

  • Article An is used before singular nouns whose spelling starts with a vowel or vowel sound. As you know English has vowels (a, e, i, o, u). like:
An appleAn eggAn inkpotAn oxAn umbrella

Rule : 5.

  • Article An is used before singular nouns whose spelling starts with consonants. But they are pronounced like vowels. for example :
An Honest ManAn HourAn LCD Display

— Here, You find that the spelling of Honest, Hour is starting with Consonant “H”, but due to its pronunciation with vowel “O”, article An is used. Similarly, even after the spelling of LCD starts with Consonant “L“, But due to the sound of vowel “A” in pronunciation, article An is used.

Rule : 6.

  • Article An is also used before the nouns abbreviation, whose spelling begins with a consonant. But they are pronounced like vowels. like :
An M.A.An M.L.A.An M.P.
  • But if the full form of these nouns abbreviation comes then article a is used. Like :
A Master of Art.A Member of Legislative Assembly.A Member of Parliament.

Rule : 7.

  • When adjective or adverb is used before a Noun, the article a / an is used according to the adjective or adverb, not according to the noun. like :
Ram is an honest boy.Radha is an innocent girl.

Rule : 8.

  • When so is placed before an adjective, the article a / an is used according to the noun that comes after the adjective. like :
She gives me so interesting a book.We never saw so beautiful a sight.

Rule : 9.

  • Exclamatory sentences also use a / an before the countable singular noun. like :
What a beautiful girl !What an honest child !What an idea sir ji !

Rules of Using Definite Articles (The) with Examples

Rules of Using Definite Articles (The) with Examples : Friends! Article – The is called definite article. because It is used before noun and separates that noun from its class. You can use the correct article after taking care of some rules :

Rule : 1.

  • Article – The is used before a particular person or thing (about which we already know). like :
The Car you want is available in my showroom.

Rule : 2.

  • When a noun is mentioned twice in a sentence, That noun becomes particular noun when used again. In such a case, Article – The is used before that particular noun. like :
His bike struck with a pole, you can still see the mark on the pole.

— Here we find that when pole (noun) comes for the first time, a is placed before it, but when it is mentioned for the second time, it has been made definite noun before it. Because after hitting the bike, the pole has become a fixed pole.

Rule : 3.

  • When a clause or phrase is used after a noun, then that noun becomes a definite noun and before that, Article – The is used. like :
The boy in blue shirt is a teacher.I know the place where you purchases this book.

—In sentence – I, the boy became a definite noun putting “a blue shirt” after it. Similarly, the place also became definite noun putting “the place where you purchase this book” after it. Therefore, Article – The has been used with them.

Rule : 4.

  • Article – The is used when there is a sense of the whole class from a singular subject. like :
The cat likes milk.The camel is the ship of desert.The dog is a faithful animal.

Note : – But keep in mind that There is a sense of the whole class from the word “man or woman“., but even then, Article – The is not used before them. like :

Man is the only animal that can think.

Rule : 5.

  • When two noun are connected with “of“, Article – The is used before the first noun. like :
The +Noun + of + noun
The teacher of Govt. school is dismissed.Sachin is the star of Cricket.

Rule : 6.

  • When an adjective makes sense of “collective noun“, then Article – The is used and it gives the plural sense. like :
The RichAll rich people.
The PoorAll poor people.
The OldAll old people.

Rule : 7.

Article – The is used before the following names :

  • Before the name of Sacred and Well Know Books, Newspapers, Magazines etc. Like :
BooksNews PapersMagazines
The RamayanThe Times of IndiaThe Champak
The GeetaThe Hindu JagranThe India Today

Note: When the name of its author is attached before a book, article – the is not used. Such as :

Tulsi’s RamayanShakespeare’s King Lear

  • Before the name of Rivers, Canals, Seas, Ocean, Gulfs, Group of Island, Ranges of Mountains. Like :
The GangasThe Bhakhra CanalThe North SeaThe Indian Ocean
The YamunaThe Agra CanalThe Aegean SeaThe Pacific Ocean
GulfsGroup of IslandRanges of Mountains
The Persian GulfThe Andman NicobarThe Himalayas
The Gulf of KutchThe Rose IslandThe Alborz

Note : Put the article only when there are mountain ranges. The article – the is not used before any one mountain or peak. like

— Mount Abu, K2 etc.

  • Before the name of Trains, Ships, Aeroplanes and Historical Buildings. Like :
TrainsShipsAeroplanesHistorical Buildings
The Shatabdi ExpressThe VikrantThe Air indiaThe Taj Mahal
The Garib Rath ExpressThe SindhuvirThe SpiceJetThe Red Fort

  • Before the name of Directions :
The east The west The northThe south
  • Before the name of Unique Objects and objects of strength :
The sunThe moonThe skyThe wind
  • Before the name of Communities and a few Countries.
CommunitiesA few Countries
The HinduThe United states of America
The SikhThe United Kingdom

  • Before the name of Musical Instruments. like :
The GuitarThe PianoThe ViolinThe Flute

Rule : 8.

  • Article The is used before the superlative degree of any Adjective. Such as :
The fastestThe best GirlThe biggest planetThe most comfortable

Rule : 9.

Article The is used before double comparative adverb. like :

The harder you work, the better result you will get.The more you study, the more marks you will get in Exam.

Rule : 10.

Article The is used before the comparative degree of an adjective. If it is attached with “of the two“. Like :

Radha is the more beautiful of the two sisters.Which of the two cars is the better ?

Rule : 11.

Article The is also used before ordinal numbers. like :

The firstThe secondThe IstThe 26th of January

— Keep in mind that if the ordinal number is in Roman numerals, then the article The is not used before it. like :


Rule : 12.

When the expression of abstract noun is to be shown with a common noun, then article the is used before it. like :

The child in me is still alive.

Rule : 13.

When a common noun is used as an apposition with a proper noun, then article the is used before it. like :

Ashok, the great king.Delhi, the capital of India.Jaipur, the pink city.

So let’s hope guys! Now you will not have any problem in using the article correctly. Today we have taught you how to use articles with very easy rules. Remember these rules so that you are not confuse in the use of the article.

Today, we have told all the important Rules of Using Articles with Examples. Now let me explain about omission of articles in the next notes. But we want you to prepare this topic of the article well before that. It will also encourage us to work hard.

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