English One Word Substitution List with Meaning

Hello friends ! Today we are going to read about English One Word Substitution List with Meaning. This topic is also very important from competitive exam point of view. It is said that “Bravity is the soul of wit”. It means to say a lot in a little bit.

If we express our words in one word without using a big sentence, then this method is more powerful. In exams, one is often asked to use one word in place of a large sentence. So let’s understand : What is One Word Substitution.

What is One Word Substitution in English Grammar

Definition of One Word Substitution in English Grammar : Friends! We use many words to express anything. So that sense is understood well. But instead of more words, using a word that can reveal its meaning or sense, then we call such a word as One Word Substitution.

Let me tell you that there is no rule of One Word Substitution. Nor is there any structure to use it. Therefore, students will have to enrich their vocabulary, keeping the examination in mind. For this, they can resort to good dictionaries and maximum book reading.

English One Word Substitution List with Meaning

List of Some Important 100+ One Words Substitution with Hindi Meaning : Friends! Here we are presenting a list of some important One Word Substitutions for students of all classes. Which you read and understand well so that you can get help in competitive exam. You have no choice but to remember this topic. So, you must keep this list in mind :

#1. One Word Substitution List :

Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
1.A person with a long experience of any occupation. —Veteranकिसी कार्य में निपुण
2.A person who is unable to pay his debts. —Insolventदिवालिया
3.A person coming to a foreign land to settle there. —Immigrantदूसरे देशों के प्रवासी
4.A person who readily believes others. —Credulousभोला या कान का कच्चा
5.A person prominent in fashionable society. —Revellerधूम-धाम मचाने वाला
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
6.Living at the same time. —Contemporaryसमकालीन
7.Something capable of being done. —Feasibleव्यवहार में आने योग्य
8.Succession of rulers belonging to one family. —Dynastyराजवंशी
9.Placing a thing beside another. —Juxtaposeपास-पास रखना
10.To cut something into two pieces. —Severकाटकर अलग करना
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
11.The study of physical life or living matter. —Physiologyशारीरिक विज्ञान
12.An associate in crime. —Accompliceसहापराधी
13.A book of names and addresses. —Directoryनिर्देशिका
14.Customs and habits of a particular group. —Traditionsपरम्परा
15.A four footed animal. —Quadrupedचौपाया
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
16.One who walks on ropes. —Acrobatकलाबाज
17.A building where an audience sits. —Auditoriumसभागार
18.One who pretends to be what he is not. —Hypocriteपाखंडी
19.One who collects coins. —Numismatistमुद्रा शास्त्री
20.Indifference to pleasure or pain. —Stoicismवैराग्य

#2. One Word Substitution List :

Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
1.Anything which is no longer in use. —Obsoleteअप्रचलित
2.An enclosure for keeping birds. —Aviaryपक्षीशाला
3.One who knows many languages. —Polyglotबहुभाषी
4.One not concerned with right or wrong. —Amoralअच्छाई बुराई के ज्ञान से परे
5.Wild and noisy disorder. —Pandemoniumकोलाहल
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
6.One who hates making. —Misanthropeमानवद्वेषी
7.The study of maps. —Cartographyमानचित्रण
8.Belonging to all parts of the world. —Cosmopolitanसर्वदेशीय
9.That which lasts a short time. —Transitoryअस्थायी
10.The study of the origin and history of words. —Etymologyव्युत्पत्ति विज्ञान
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
11.A bland of diverse elements. —Amalgamमिश्रण
12.Mode of behaviour, peculiar to a person. —Idiosyncrasyलत, पागलपन
13.Killing of a child. —Infanticideशिशु हत्या
14.The art of good eating. —Vegetarianismशाकाहार
15.Lasting only for a moment. —Momentaryक्षणिक
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
16.Constant efforts to achieve something. —Perseveranceदृढ़ता
17.Give and receive mutually. —Reciprocateआदान-प्रदान
18.A den for small animals. —Hutchपिंजरा
19.One who deserts his principles or party. —Renegadeपाखण्डी
20.The worship of idols or images. —Idolatryमूर्तिपूजा

#3. One Word Substitution List :

Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
1.Dry weather with no rainfall. —Droughtसूखा
2.Something that is poisonous or unhealthy. —Toxicविषैला
3.To take back, withdraw or renounce. —Recentवापस लेना
4.A remedy for all diseases. —Panaceaरामबाण
5.Too much official formality. —Red Tapismलालफीताशाही
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
6.One who is greedy. —Avariciousलालची
7.An area of land that is controlled by a ruler. —Dominionअधिराज्य
8.One who is indifferent to pleasure and plain. —Asceticतपस्वी
9.The study of religion and religious ideas and beliefs. —Theologyधर्मशास्र
10.Irresistible craving for an alcoholic beverage. —Dipsomaniaमद्यासक्ति
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
11.The first public speech delivered by a person. —Maiden Speechपहला भाषण
12.Expert in the scientific study of bird. —Ornithologistपक्षी विज्ञानी
13.The sound of a funeral bell. —Knellघंटानाद
14.Military waking single sounded in the morning. —Reveilleजगाने का बिगुल
15.One who has obstinate and narrow religious views. —Bigotकट्टर
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
16.A person in his seventies. —Septuagenarian70 वर्षीय
17.Belief that war and violence are unjustified. —Pacifismशांतिवाद
18.One who loves books. —Bibliophileपुस्तक प्रेमी
19.A government by officials. —Bureaucracyनौकरशाही
20.One who walks in sleep. —Somnambulistनिद्राचर

#4. One Word Substitution List :

Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
1.A group of girls. —Bevyलड़कियों का झुंड
2.Causing or ending in death. —Fatalघातक
3.Place of burial. —Cemeteryकब्रिस्तान
4.Inability to sleep. —Insomniaअनिद्रा
5.One who is given to pleasures of the flesh. —Epicureanखाने-पीने का शौक़ीन
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
6.A person who never takes alcoholic drinks. —Teetotallerशराब नहीं पीने वाला
7.To have a very high opinion of oneself. —Conceitedअभिमानी
8.A tank where fish or water plants are kept. —Aquariumमछलीघर
9.Easily duped or fooled. —Gullibleसीधा-सादा
10.Fear of water. —Hydrophobiaजलांतक
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
11.An occasion of great importance. —Momentousसब से अहम
12.A method which never fails. —Infallibleअचूक
13.To be biased against. —Prejudicedपक्षपातपूर्ण
14.The abandonment of one’s country or cause. —Desertionपरित्याग
15.Treatment by means of exercise and massage. —Physiotherapyभौतिक चिकित्सा
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
16.A specialist who tests eyesight. —Ophthalmologistनेत्र-विशेषज्ञ
17.Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter. —Alliterationअनुप्रास
18.Animals that can live on land and in water. —Amphibiansउभयचर
19.Handwriting that cannot be read. —Illegibleअस्पष्ट
20.To feel disapproval of something or someone. —Deprecateविरोध करना

#5. One Word Substitution List :

Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
1.A mournful song for the dead. —Dirgeशोकगीत
2.The dead skin cast off by a snake. —Sloughकेंचुली
3.Someone who keeps bees. —Apiaristमधुमक्खीपालक
4.To agree to something. —Assentसहमति
5.One who is from 60 to 69 years old. —Sexagenarian60 से 69 वर्षीय
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
6.An addition to the end of letter. —Postscriptपरिशिष्ट भाग
7.That which would burn easily. —Inflammableज्वलनशील
8.Young cow that has not yet had a calf. —Heiferबछिया
9.Reproducing word for word. —Verbatimप्रतिशब्द
10.One who breaks the law. —Transgressorउत्क्रामक
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
11.One who journeys from place to place. —Itinerantभ्रमणकारी
12.To which cannot be captured. —Slipperyफिसलाऊ
13.Careful in the spending of money, time etc. —Economicalमितव्ययी
14.Occurring at irregular intervals in time. —Sporadicछिटपुट
15.To keep a great person or event in people’s memory. —Commemorateस्मरणोत्सव
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
16.A continuous process of change. —Transformationपरिवर्तन
17.Circular building or hall with a dome. —Rotundaगोल-घर
18.An unexpected piece of good fortune. —Windfallअप्रत्याशित लाभ
19.An involuntary action under a stimulus. —Reflexअनैच्छिक
20.The use of many words where only a few are necessary. —Circumlocutionशब्द-बाहुल्य

Thus friends! You should prepare the English One Word Substitution List with Meaning given above. Today we have provided you the list of important English One Word Substitution, so that you do not face any difficulty in the exams and you can get good marks.

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