The Difference between the England Great Britain and UK

The Difference between the England, Great Britain and UK

The Difference between the England, Great Britain and UK : Friends ! Most of Students get confused about the difference between England, Britain , Great Britain and United Kingdom. so do not panic friends, Today we are trying to explain the difference to you.

England :

  • It is a country which is part of United Kingdom.
  • it shares land borders with West part of Wales and North part of Scotland.
  • Its capital is London . it is largest country in UK.
  • it contains about 84 Percent Population of UK.
  • The English Language comes from England.
  • English is official language of both England and United Kingdom.

Most of People thinks that All British People are English but it is not true because they can be English Scottish, Irish or Walesh .

Continent : Europe
Capital : London
Area :
130279 Square Km
Population :51 Million
Longest River : River Severn in U.K. – 354 Km. (220 Miles)
River Thames in England – 346 Km. (215 Miles)
Districts :

Metropolitan Districts – 36
Non- Metropolitan Districts – 256 :
(Two tier – 201 and Unitary Authority – 55)

London Borough – 32
Sui Generis – 2
The Difference between the England, Great Britain and UK

Britain :

It includes two country England and Wales. The name became popular by the Romans when they came to the British Island.

Great Britain :

It includes England, Wales and Scotland. All of Great Britain is ruled by UK Government.

Great Britain Consists Three Countries :

  • England : Capital of England – London
  • Wales : Capital of Wales – Cardiff (Population : 3 Million)
  • Scotland : Capital of Scotland – Edinburgh
    it is in not England and it shares border of England. (Population : 5 Million)

Albion : it is the oldest known name of the island of Great Britain.

Shire : a traditional term for a division of land found in Great Britain, Australia.

The Difference between the England, Great Britain and United Kingdom : Formation of the United Kingdom | Basic Key Points | History of UK | |

United Kingdom :

  • UK is short name of United Kingdom.
  • it includes
    Great Britain : England + Wales + Scotland) and
    Northern Ireland : it is part of UK But not in Great Britain, Capital : Belfast, Popullation : 2 Million)
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” is it’s official name.
  • It is a sovereign state like USA. London is also the capital of United Kingdom.
  • Currency : the pound stirling (£).
  • Queen Elizabeth II has a constitutional monarchy as a head of state in the United Kingdom.

Formation of the United Kingdom :

Formation of the United Kingdom : There is a long history about formation of the United Kingdom. Some Facts are below : –

  • 925 – The Kingdom of England : established by integration of Anglo-Saxon tribes.
  • Act of union – 1536 : The Kingdom of Britain (England and Wales) – A bill passed by King Henry VIII to make Wales a part of the Kingdom of England, governed by the same law.
  • Act of Union – 1707 : The Kingdom of Great Braitain – England and Wales joined the Scotland and formed the kingdom of Great Britain through this acts of union being passed by parliyament of England.
  • Act of Union – 1801 : The Kingdom of UK (Great Britain and Ireland) – joined Ireland this Union to Great Britain. But The bill was defeated due to the resistance of many members of the Irish parliament.
  • Anglo- Irish Treaty – 1922 : The Kingdom of UK (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) – in this Anglo- Irish Treaty Southern Ireland withdraws the union leaving Northern Ireland.

The Difference between the England Great Britain and UK : Key points

Britain : England & Wales – 1536
Great Britain : England & Wales & Scotland – 1707
UK : England & Wales & Scotland & Ireland – 1801 (Act- 1800)
UK : England & Wales & Scotland & Northern Ireland – 1922 (Anglo Irish Treaty)

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