Advanced Grammar Rules of Nouns with Examples

Hello friends! In the previous notes we have learned about the rules of Noun. Hopefully you have learned the previous Rules of nouns well. Even today, we are only discussing some Advanced Grammar Rules of Nouns with Examples. So let’s know :

Some Important Advanced Grammar Rules of Nouns

Rule : 1.

Friends! There are some nouns whose meaning changes from singular to plural. Following is the list of some such noun words that you should try to understand :

Surroundingआसपास काSurroundingsपरिवेश
Mannerतरीका Mannersव्यवहार
Contentसंतुष्ट Contentsअन्तर्वस्तु
CustomरिवाजCustomsआयात पर शुल्क
Physicजिस्मानीPhysicsभौतिक विज्ञान

For Example :

01.This Book should be printed on fine papers. This book should be printed on fine paper.
02.The beautiful surrounding of the hotel is worth visiting.The beautiful surroundings of the hotel is worth visiting.

Read the above examples carefully :

  • In the 01. Sentence, The pages of the book are not being talked about here. See in the table that papers mean documents like “Keep your papers ready for registration.” It is correct to use paper (material noun) in place of papers in this sentence.
  • In the 02. Sentence, It is correct to use surroundings in place of surrounding in this sentence. As it is clear from the table of their meanings.

Rule : 2.

Friends! There are also some nouns that have only one meaning in the singular but two meanings in the Plural. The list of such noun words is given below, which you should understand carefully :

MoralMoral LessonMorals1. Moral Lessons
2. Conduct
MinuteOne Sixtieth of an hourMinutes1. Time
2. Proceedings of a meeting
ArmUpper LimbArms1. Upper Limbs
2. Weapons
SpectacleSightSpectacles1. Sights
2. Eye Glasses
ColourColourColours1. A Kind of Colours
2. The Flag of a Regiment
GroundLandGrounds1. Reasons
2. Enclosed land attached to a house
PainSufferingPains1. Sufferings
2. Careful Efforts

For Example :

01.Ram has two issues but his friend has four issues.Ram has two issue but his friend has four issue.
  • This sentence uses issue for child (offspring). But plural of the issue here is not correct. Because in the sense of child, the issue remains the same in both singular and plural.

Rule : 3.

There are also some nouns whose singular has two meanings whereas the plural has only one meaning. Understand from the table given below :

Issue1. Dispute
2. Offspring
People1. Nation
2. Men and Women
Practice1. Habit
2. Exercise of a profession
Spirit1. Soul
2. Alcohol
Gain1. Profit
2. Acquisition
Wood1. Timber
2. Forest
Light1. Lamp
2. Radiance

Rule : 4.

When we mention any one person or thing from a group of people or objects, For this follow the structure given below :

One of + the + plural noun + singular verb + …….

We can say that the noun joining “one of” is always in the plural. like :

For Example :

01.One of the student is very intelligent.One of the students is very intelligent.

Rule : 5.

When a noun with a preposition is associated with the same noun. Thus, connected nouns are always used singularly. like :

door to by day.
success after success.row upon row.

For Example :

01.How can you commit mistakes after mistake ?How can you commit mistake after mistake ?
02.Now I am getting success after successes.Now I am getting success after success.

Rules : 6.

Using adjectives as nouns means that whenever we talk about people having the same characteristics, traits or qualities, we can use adjectives instead of nouns.

For this we can put “the” before adjective. This makes it a plural common noun. The plural verb is always used with it.

The RichAll rich people.
The poorAll poor people
The unemployedAll unemployed
The illiterateAll illiterate people

For Example :

01.Rich peoples should help poors.The Rich should help the poor.
  • The above example uses The Rich instead of the rich people and The Poor instead of the poor people. Here The Rich means : All rich people.

Thus friends! These are some important Advanced Grammar Rules of Nouns with Examples. Whenever you use the nouns, keep these rules in mind. So that you can get success in competitive exam. Thank you !

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