100+ Best One Word Substitution List with Hindi Meaning

Hello friends ! In the previous notes, we have learned about some important English One Word Substitution List. Even today, we are going to tell you about 100+ Best One Word Substitution List with Hindi Meaning. These will also prove to be helpful for you in the competitive examination.

As such, it is difficult to cover the English One Word Substitution in one or two notes. But today we are presenting useful and important 100+ Best One Word Substitution List with Hindi Meaning for you from the examination point of view :

List of Best 100+ One Word Substitution with Hindi Meaning

100 Most important one Word substitution List for Exams : Friends! As we knew in the previous notes, one word substitution is a single word expression in place of many words or a sentence.

That is, substitution of one word in place of many words. A list of some such important One Word Substitutions is given in the table below. You should understand carefully and remember them as well. So that you can get help in Exams.

#1. 100+ Best One Word Substitution List with Hindi Meaning :

आशावादीSr.StatementOne WordMeaning
1.A choice of taking what is available or nothing at all. —Hobson’s choiceएक ही विकल्प
2.A person who completely abstains from alcohol. —Teetotallerमद्यत्यागी
3.A person learning a trade under someone. —Apprenticeप्रशिक्षु
4.A place where fruit trees are grown. —Orchardफलवाटिका
5.One who always takes a hopeful view of things. —Optimistआशावादी
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
6.A humorous drawing dealing with current events of politics. —Cartoonकार्टून
7.When something move in straight line. —Rectilinearसीधा
8.Tending to associate with others of one’s kind. —Gregariousझुण्ड में रहनेवाला
9.General Pardon for offences against the state. —Amnestyआम माफ़ी
10.Misappropriation of Money. —Embezzlementग़बन
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
11.Person who eats too much. —Gluttonपेटू
12.Deviation from the right course. —Aberrationविपथन
13.The ceremony of crowing a sovereign. —Coronationराज तिलक
14.One who knows everything. —Omniscientसर्वज्ञ
15.Nation engaged in war. —Belligerentsजुझारू
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
16.A man with abnormal habits. —Eccentricविलक्षण
17.Act of making things like new again. —Renovateनवीनीकरण करना
18.Providing relief. —Reprieveदण्डविराम
19.No longer a child, but not yet an adult. —Adolescentकिशोर
20.That which can be believed. —Credibleविश्वसनीय

#2. One Word Substitution – 100+ Words Capsule :

Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
1.Hard working and diligent. —Sedulousपरिश्रमी
2.A person who has lost the protection of the law. —Outlawग़ैरक़ानूनी
3.The art of delaying. —Procrastinationटालमटोल
4.Thing that can be felt or touched. —Helpableमदद करने योग्य
5.The scientific study of elections. —Psephologyचुनाव विश्लेषण
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
6.A shady fertile place in the desert. —Oasisनखलिस्तान
7.Shine with a bright but brief or irregular light. —Flickerझिलमिलाहट
8.A brief or short stay at a place. —Sojournडेरा डालना
9.One who is indifferent to pain or pleasure. —Stoicउदासीन
10.A notice or a person’s death. —Obituaryशोक सन्देश
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
11.A place where money is coined. —Mintटकसाल
12.To make atonement for one’s sins. —Expiateनिवृत्त करना
13.A person’s peculiar habit. —Idiosyncraticविशेष स्वभाव का
14.Killing one’s sister. —Sororicideबहन की हत्या
15.Falsification of documents etc. —Forgeryजालसाजी
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
16.Regular users of places. —Clienteleग्राहक
17.A brave, noble-minded man. —Gallantवीर
18.A place where soldiers live. —Barracksसैनिकों के लिए बने घर
19.Of the highest quality. —Superlativeश्रेष्ठतम
20.Obsession with books. —Bibliomaniaपुस्तकों का प्यार

#3. List of 100 + One Word Substitutions with Meaning :

Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
1.Land covered by water on three sides. —Peninsulaप्रायद्वीप
2.A round-about way of expression. —Circumlocutionकपटपूर्ण बातें
3.To give money to agents for sales. —Commissionदलाली
4.Lack of skill. —Ineptnessमूर्खता
5.Suitable or intended for only young persons. —Juvenileकिशोर
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
6.An exact copy. —Facsimileप्रतिकृति
7.One who designs buildings. —An architectएक वास्तुकार
8.Lasting for a very short time. —Ephemeralअल्पकालिक
9.Art of working with metals. —Metallurgyधातुकर्म
10.A handsome man. —Adonisसुन्दर पुरुष
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
11.Incapable of being tired. —Indefatigableअथक
12.One who sells articles at public sales. —Auctioneerनीलामकर्ता
13.A cinema show held in the afternoon. —Matineeतीसरे पहर के नाटक का गायन
14.A place where arms and weapons or pardon. —Arsenalशस्त्रागार
15.Rules governing socially acceptable behaviour. —Etiquetteशिष्टाचार
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
16.Pay attention. —Heedध्यान देना
17.One who is rather fastidious. —Meticulousसूक्ष्म
18.A person who collects or studies stamps. —Philatelistडाक के टिकट का संग्रहक
19.That which can be drunk. —Potableपीने योग्य
20.A small village or a group of houses. —Hamletछोटा गांव

#4. 100+ List of One Word Substitution For Competitive Exams :

Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
1.Beyond correction. —Incorrigibleअसंशोधनीय
2.A poem of 14 lines. —Sonnetचतुर्दश-पदी
3.One who does something for the first time. —Pioneerप्रथम अन्वेषक
4.One who is neither intelligent nor dull. —Mediocreऔसत दर्जे का
5.One who plays for pleasure rather than as a profession. —Amateurशौक़ीन व्यक्ति
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
6.Widespread scarcity of good. —Famineसूखा
7.Inflammation of gums. —Gingivitisमसूड़े की सूजन
8.Wild imagination. —Fantasyकपोल कल्पित
9.An event that causes great harm of dams. —Disasterआपदा
10.A drug of other substance that induces sleep. —Sedativeशामक औषधि
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
11.A book written by an unknown author. —Anonymousगुमनाम
12.Having a state smell or taste. —Rancidबासी
13.Government by the few. —Oligarchyकुलीनतंत्र
14.Person believing in free will. —Libertarianमुक्तिवादी
15.Pertaining to sheep. —Ovineभेड़ के समान
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
16.Relating to kinship with the father. —Patriarchalपितृवंशीय
17.Passing out of use. —Obsolescentअप्रचलित
18.A supplement to a will. —Codicilउपदित्सा, कोडपत्र
19.A speaker’s platform. —Podiumमंच
20.An extract from a book of writing. —Excerptअंश

#5. Important 100+ English One Word Substitution List with Meaning :

Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
1.A special fondness or liking for. —Penchantलगन
2.Estimation to thing’s worth. —Appraisalमूल्यांकन
3.To free completely from blame. —Exonerateदोषमुक्त करना
4.Motive or incitement to action. —Incentiveप्रोत्साहन
5.A game in which no one wins. —Drawबराबरी का खेल
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
6.Completing a period of hundred years. —Centennialसौ साल का
7.A decorative ring of flowers and leavers. —Wreathमाला
8.Measures taken to please the people. —Popularलोकप्रिय
9.A figure with many angles or sides. —Polygonबहुभुज
10.A part of a word that can be pronounced separately. —Syllableशब्दांश
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
11.A place of shelter for ships. —Harbourबंदरगाह
12.One who possesses many talents. —Versatileबहुमुखी
13.The line when the land and sky seems to meet. —Horizonक्षितिज
14.An obviously true or hackneyed statement. —Truismस्वयंसिद्ध सत्य
15.That which cannot be defeated. —Invincibleअजेय
Sr.StatementOne WordMeaning
16.To reduce to nothing. —Annulरद्द
17.Having juicy or fleshy and thick tissues. —Succulentरसीला
18.Detailed plan or a journey. —Itineraryयात्रा कार्यक्रम
19.Inability to sleep. —Insomniaअनिद्रा
20.Fit to be eaten. —Edibleखाद्य

Thus today we have known 100+ Best One Word Substitution List with Hindi Meaning. Hopefully this list will prove useful for you. We have provided you a total of 200+ One Word Substitutions List with Hindi Meaning so far. Apart from this, you can remember by making a list of important One Word Substitutions according to yourself.

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